To company and organizations executives

newlogoInstitute of Biochemical Technology and Nanotechnology (IBTN)  of People’s Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) expresses its respect and announces about the beginning  of admission campaign for applicants to Master programs on scholarship base and for fee.

For academic year 2016/2017 IBTN provides the following educational programs:

  • Master in  “Innovative technologies and nanotechnologies in medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology”;

  • Master in “Biochemical technology and nanotechnology”.

Detailed information about programs can be downloaded from the website following the next link: http://nano.rudn.ru  

or applicants can write directly to the following email: nanotechnology-rudn@yandex.ru 

Since its establishment to the present time one of the most important activities of IBTN is  additional professional education programs providing. The Institute continues to develop short-term training programs. One of the best examples of such programs is «The principles of technological and nanotechnological production implementation  in medicine and pharmacy».

Also IBTN provides  a program of training for specialists in the field  of «High technologies and nanotechnologies in medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.»

Training for corporate clients are conducted by offsite classes of the company, such programs are  previously adapted to the course according to the specific customer’s requirements.

Using gained experience of our best lecturers, contacts with the pharmaceutical industry structures and state bodies we have the ability to bring to the implementation of the programs by leading experts in a variety of industries. It allows us to develop curricula and training for specific tasks, basing on interest of companies and institutions.

IBTN provides programs of different duration: from short-term –two or  one day workshops up to trainings  from 72 academic hours and more, classes are held in the evening on weekends. The Institute has its own fund of lecture halls and conducts outreach sessions (offsite classes).

People’s Friendship University of Russia students from 152 countries, our graduates work in many countries around the world, with many of them we maintain close contacts that allow us to generalize the experience of communication with representatives of different cultures and to explore the characteristics of building business relationships in accordance with national features.

Also, using modern complex of scientific and analytical equipment IBTN offers  a wide range research service in biotechnology, chemical engineering, nanotechnology.

We will be glad if  you bring this information to interested applicants and organizations.

We are ready to answer for all your questions and discuss any variants of mutually beneficial cooperation.